Example of email report requested or info on email report options

We are preparing to go live with a new domain. Never used Comodo Antispam Gateway before and want to make sure we inform the users of the correct options available in the reports that are mailed out to users. Would be nice to know before we go live, as obviously we can get a report once it’s live. There is an example in the manual, but it doesn’t appear to have any links to release emails.

  1. Would anyone be willing to send or post an example of a current email report? You can blank out your email address or any confidential info, just want to make sure they haven’t updated the emails and not the manual.
  2. Or, just let me know if they have a release option/link in the email reports.

Either way, thanks in advance.

I did find this:

And it appears you just click the Subject to open in the Gateway. Probably answered my own dumb question, unless the manual is not totally current.