eVPN slowing down my PC

hey guys

I have noticed that having eVPN installed on my Vista machine has slowed it down very much… It all works fine… but bootup and everything gets slowed down.

CIS for security, UAC is off.
System specs:

I also have had the same issues on my Toshiba laptop. I noticed that the VPN was using up excessive resources which lagged my PC. I did find a 3rd party software that helped. I found it a MajorGeeks. It’s a game tweak called GBoost. It basically turns off services not necessary when gaming. However I have used it while surfing the web when on my network as well.
It is very easy to use and the Advanced settings allow you to keep certain services running. Good Luck

Hi OmeletGuy:

    Would you please list which version of EasyVPN you used?

Latest version still does it, turning off the eVPN services fixes this.

Notice that i have changed from Vista to Windows 7 from the time i made this bug report.