Everything blocked after any download!

Anyone? help!


Everytime I download something Comodo blocks all subsequent pages (can’t connect to server) from loading. First noticed it with videos but happens with all downloads regardless of where from.

If I allow all traffic after being blocked it works. Likewise if I restart Firefox all seems fine.
Haven’t made any new rules that I recall nor setting changes.

I download alot so this is getting quite annoying.

Can anyone help?

It’s been working fine for months - not anymore!

Using CFP – database version 3.0

Sure appreciate.

Hi there. I have had a similar problem with Comodo as well. I’ve made a thread explaining my problem, but to no avail.

If someone has an answer for either of our problems (if not both), it’ll be greatly appreciated.

Side note, I’m glad I’m not the only person having problems with the firewall blocking everything when it feels like it.

Yeah, quite frustrating how some get help and many get ignored.

Additionally, I just wasted way too much time searching for


Help NOWHERE I could find!!!

not in kb or forum - loads of uninstall and install problems but no reinstall instructions!!!

I guess I have to post another topic

Noone’s helping with this one!!!

Trying again.

Can Malware Cause CFP to Block All Connections???

Or is it a bug n CFP???

BTW: I connect fine except after I download anything from anywhere then all s blocked.
The poor guy above me in this post can’t connect at all and no one here has helped him for fifteen days. terribly unfair!!!

HELLO!??? Can you hear us now?

Well, Bit the bullet used backup script for v2.4, then uninstalled and re-installed all went fine BUT Problem Still There!

All Pages are blocked after downloading anything, or even when I try to add an attachment to an email in my webmail accounts.
Forced to either Allow All or close and re-open firefox to get pages.

Can someone please recommend solution???