Everyone is coming around to see it our way

of course we have been doing this last 4-5 years already :wink:

An interesting article. Maybe Apple isn’t as “Immune” to viruses. seems there resistant not that they are coming out with a type of security product.

It’s been known for a while now that no OS; Apple, Microsoft, Android, or even Linux, is immune to malware despite previous claims to the contrary.

get ready - Apple will sue you for doing something before its patent was granted!

Apple was never immune to malware as ppl believe. It’s just harder to infect but it’s not impossible. Also the criminal underworld is not that keen yet on Apple products as they still only want to attack mass users like Microsoft. If Apple become in the future close with Microsoft in terms of number of users the malware will rise significantly and Apple would be overwhelmed. Like Kaspersky said Apple 10 years behind Microsoft security now. I think he knows what he is talking about…