Event Logs

I never have anything appearing in the firewall logs. When I used Zone Alarm I had events both incoming and outgoing quite often. Is there a setting so one can see what the firewall is doing as far as protecting?

You need to go to firewall/advanced/Network Security Policies and check the log box for whatever rules you want logged. I use a block and log at the end of each ruleset. You can also use a global rule to block and log all incoming.

I am a computer novice and don’t understand how to set the rules up to log events. Could you explain in simple terms or direct me to an explanation?

Go to firewall/advanced/network security policy (or predefined security policies) where the rules for each application are listed. For existing rules, if you select “edit”, there will be a box that says “log” for the existing rule that you can just check. If there is no rule you want to log for an application, you can select “add” and add a block and log all rule at the end of the existing rules for that application: block and log/IP/all/all/all which will then log any attempts not allowed by the existing rules.