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Where can I see what unknown programs blocked?

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In the top left you have a drop-down box, there you can choose things like Firewall and Anti-virus etc, upon choosing you will get to the list of logged entries for that module.

Realized. But there’s nothing there. All lists are clean.
You can close the topic. I deleted it. Very crude. When you transfer the log file to a different location the computer stops responding at all.
Thanks for the reply.

The lists may have been empty because it will only show the current day’s activity. On a log screen click on the arrow icon in the bottom centre of the screen, you can then select different lengths of time for the alerts.

Dr. Dumper1 Hi!
Well see in the next version. Returned to 5.10
Thanks for the reply.
P.S. I would like to see it in real mode.

The Summary screen (HOME screen on View Logs) is just that; a summary of ALL that has happened so far (since installed). The HOME view is not just the current view (or different time slices like the other report / log screens).