event log help

I would like to congrat the devs & the comodo team for the great beta 3. finally online gaming works for me. now my problem is that comodo drives my hard drive crazy when i play online. here is the screenshot i did & you can see what is going on.

i looked up some of these IPs and they belong to Webupdates — RIPE Network Coordination Centre . is there a way to turn off logging when not needed? the game i play is WarRock and it is free2play P2P first shooter. i have the recommended ports opened already. so i wonder why am i scanned or who knows what? i am afraid i will trash my hard drive. btw, using comodo 3 beta on vista 32.

any help or suggestions are appreciated.

thanks for the great firewall though. it does its job very well.


If you don’t want to see the blocked log entries you could uncheck the log events checkbox on any rule that you don’t want to see in the log. This is under Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy>Global Rules tab. If it is application specific then you might have to go to the Application Rules tab and do it there also for each app.

As far as the unknown IP’s, I noticed you said P2P game. Any P2P stuff seems to always have lots of traffic from all over the map. Lots of outside traffic seems to be normal for P2P. The firewall is blocking the unwanted traffic so you should be safe.

Hope this helps,