EV MD SSL compatibility level (vs SNI) and other Multi-domain questions

Good evening,

I’m trying to find the best solution to host several secure domains on one server (2 or 3 to start with, using apache 2.2.3)

I’ve looked into using SNI, but from what I see (for instance in the wikipedia article about SNI) it is not yet supported by all browsers.
Especially no IE on Windows XP, which unfortunately is a part of our customer base I can’t just ignore…

My first question is the following:
It looks like MDC, or EV MD SSL are proper solutions, but before going down this road, I’d like to know if there are any known compatibility issues I should be aware of ? (as there were with SNI)
Especially, will older browsers / O.S.es accept EV SSL MDC properly?

I also have a couple of extra questions for the future:

Is it possible to declare a wildcard domain as part of an EV SSL MDC ?
allowing everyone to connect to [anything].mydomain.com in https without security warnings, and with all the EV authentication guarantees ?

Also, I might want to offer personalized secure domain names for some of our customers.
Those will still be hosted on the same server (same IP, same apache etc…).
What will be the procedure / delay to add new domain names to the EV MDC SSL ?

Thanks a lot for our answers !
Best Regards

I’ll be happy to respond to the questions you have regarding the EV MDC product via email.

Email: nilesh@comodo.com