etrust connect failed

I have enclosed 2 files for your review. I am trying to login to VPN service. ???

it states that the it has failed.

What is the settings: uk2.vpn.comodo.

Also I do not see the TAP Win 32 adapter in my network connections

Do you think I should reinstall etrust connect.

I can login into my account to view usage but I cannot use the etrust VPN service it keep saying that it has failed??? why

Please provide further assistance to this matter. I would like to able to use VPN at the public library or at home.

At home I have wifi internet a password was provided by my IP provider for the wifi internet connection - is this connection safe? Do I only have to use VPN when I am at the library, how about when I only use my ipad 2 and I am at home using my wifi is it safe. I have comodo firwall.

Once again, please help to connect to the VPN service which states that it has failed

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If you are mentioning “etrust VPN service”, I couldn’t advice you anything, it’s not a Comodo product.

Regarding Comodo TrustConnect: as can be seen from logs, you don’t have TAP adapter in your system. I’d like suggest you to reinstall TrustConnect. Please note that you should have administrative privileges and agree to install TAP adapter if the setup wizard asks you.

It’s difficult to say, how safe is your home wifi network, but I think it’s worth to use TrustConnect for any critical network transactions or if you’d want to hide your traffic from your Internet provider :slight_smile:

You may use VPN anywhere you want, but please note that you cannot use TrustConnect service with same credentials (same account) from different places simultaneously. So, if you want, for example, to use TrustConnect on your iPad with same account, make sure that your laptop is disconnected from TrustConnect VPN.