Is there a tutorial or explanation of what S-ESM does and how it works?

Ok lets say you have a room of 3 computers, Yours included. You Install ESM on your pc and link up to the other 2 computers using comodo, Your Pc will be in control of everything from a central location (Your computer) - No need for the users to do anything on the other 2 pc’s.

Thanks Kyle,
so if I only have or two PC’s, I do not need ESM is that right?

If you have 2 Pc’s then I guess you could… But Really it’s not needed if your there… This is at home right?? If someone gets an alert and doesn’t know what to do, Just get them to give you a yell. lol

yes that’s right. It is for home my Mrs and me only. So I will not bother downloading ESM. Thanks for all your help.

ESM is designed to manage thousands of computers.
its easier to manage few computers manually rather than setup a central management console like ESM…but…we have some products coming to allow you manage your home network etc very easily…watch this space…