ESM upgrade from 2 to 3

Does anyone know the approximate date when will be available an update ESM 2 to version 3 please ?

thanks, BR

Hi Petr,

Give us a few more days, we should have it ready for you by the end of next week :slight_smile:


Hi MichelB,

what “end of next week” do you mean ? :slight_smile:
i would like to make an upgrade from version 2 to 3.



Please keep an eye on this board, the new release is in the final stages of testing and I expect to announce the release on Thursday.

Kind regards,

I´am sorry, but it´s crazy.
It´s a month ago you say me that next week will be released a final release and … nothing :frowning:

Hi Petr,

I realize I already said that about the upgrade, and we did release a version which it was possible to use as the upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0.

The reason I have not directly informed you (or the public at large) of the release is that it was only an ESM upgrade which did not contain a CES upgrade therefore, while you would have had a shiny new version of ESM you may have experienced difficulties upgrading CIS 5.x to CES 6.1.

The release I have been telling you about is the one that should be released next week which is an ESM upgrade, contains 4 new features and upgrades CES to version 6.2.

I apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience but I believe I was acting in your best interests.


Hi MichelB,

i am sorry but i don’t understand this situation.

I have installed at this time this software:
Endpoint Security Manager 2.1.50820.1
and on clients:
ESM Agent 2.1.50820.1
Comodo Internet Security 5.10.246244.2459

Is there any way to upgrade Server or/and Client software to the latest versions please ?

thnak you very much for your help.
Petr M.

Hi Petr,

You must be getting sick of my ‘it’s coming soon’ comments…

ESM 3.0.60913.7 is being made available ‘internally’, i.e. private build tomorrow. If UAT (User Acceptance Testing) goes well we will make it publicly available next week for you to upgrade to.

Kind regards,

Why don’t you let us play with ESM 3.0.60913.7?
TONIGHT! :smiley: ;D :-TU

a) because we need to know that it is as good as it can be before we let you have it
b) because our support guys need to be able to support it before they get asked questions about how stuff works
c) because our help-guide writers need to update the admin guide
d) because we need to update the website
e) because I’m fussy about what I make public :slight_smile:


Those are pretty good and heavy reasons. I think this time there is something big coming up.