ESM - Start Page - Overall Endpoint Security

In my ‘ESM - Start Page - Overall Endpoint Security’ it continusly says -1 infected.
how can i see which endpoint is the infected one?
would be nice to have a “!” or a different color in the computer tree of the managed endpoints of the infected one.

In ESM 1.7 you will be able to run from Start Page a new report which shows infected endpoints, numbers and types of infections.
Workaround for current version:
Open Request History and look for not answered expired request which contains “Malware detected!..” in description and occured after last scheduled full system scan. In “Computer” column you’ll see the name of infected computer. Run full system scan on infected computer to find and disinfect malware.

when will be release of 1.7?

I can’t tell you for sure now. Probably in 3-4 months.

aehmmm… then if I deleted expired notifications i have to check the av log of every EP or run a scan on all EPs?!

Request History and AV log is not the same. I suggested you to look at Request History. It is common for all endpoints. You just need to know the time of last full system scan and look for not answered AV requests for that period.