ESM freezes when replacing previous agent - Cannot cancel deployment

May be related to upgrading/updating (ESM 3 beta is only for new installs)

  1. A description of the error
  • Deploying the agent/CIS to a machine that already has an existing agent causes ESM server to freeze and you cannot cancel the deployment
  1. OS version of ESM server and Endpoints
  • ESM Server: Windows Small Business Server 2011 Endpoint: Windows XP SP3
  1. FULL ESM and Agent version e.g.'ESM 3.0.51109.1’.
  • ESM 3.0.51212.1 agent not installed
  1. Licensing information (license type, number of endpoints, special conditions)
    License: Beta Endpoints:0 (2 available) Special Conditions: None

  2. Network layout if applicable i.e. IP addressing, server and agent location (single VLAN, Inter-VLAN connectivity, real/private/mixed network environment)

  • Single LAN
  1. Precise and clear steps of the bug reproduction
    Go to Computers > Add. Follow wizard as normal and “Start Deployment”. Progress bar gets to 33% and stays there. You have to leave the page to stop the deployment.

  2. Special conditions i.e. other AV/security software, firewall settings etc.

  • None

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