ESM compatable with windows server 2012

I have a friend who monitors a server that they recently put windows server 2012 who formerly uses Microsoft until the upgrade. MSE which he was using is not compatible with server 2012 and is looking for a product that is compatible with Server 2012. He asked me to go look for a product that is. So is Comodo security products compatible?


Hello ,

Please sign up to the ESM free trial license key.

Once ESM is installed on your server, you can begin to deploy CES in your environment.

At step 6 you have the option to install the CES and you need to click on the Download button in case th CES package is outdated.

CES is also compatible with Windows servers.

thanks for the answers. I will show my friend what you guys said.

Please do and post if you have any other questions or issues.

Out of my own curiosity. Are all the comdo Products (CIS, CFW, etc) compatable win server 2012?

Hi Andrei,

The business version of CIS, called Comodo Endpoint Security or CES, which is bundled with ESM is compatible with all Windows servers 2003 +