ESM Agent Installer for Mac?

I have installed this software on my network and have a few test machines for OSX. It would be nice if I could install and manage the AV for these computers in the same place as my windows machines.

If this is currently possible how is it accomplished?

If it is not possible is it being considered in future releases?


Hi MrBurritoMan,

Apologies for the delayed reply…

I assume you have installed the ESM 3 Mac agent on your test machines as ESM 2.1 doesn’t have any Mac capabilities? Please let me know if my assumption is correct so that I can move the post to the correct board.

Currently only the system can be managed (daemons, apps etc.) but not the Mac AV or Linux AV. This functionality is currently in development so pretty soon (~ 1 month) you will be able to manage Windows/Mac/Linux all from one console.


I have not deployed any agents but would like to and was wondering what I should consider.

I will wait for this to be supported in ESM 3.0