ESM 3.0 - Coming soon to desktop near you

Watch this space


Product Manager - Comodo Endpoint Security Manager

Just released 2.1 and already ready for 3.0, we will definitely have a watch on this…

By the way, can you release the roadmap ?

Nope :), but keep tabs on this board somewhere around the end of October.

What will 3.0 do? Let me put it this way…what single tool would every admin out there love to have?


how nice of you ;D

sounds like it will be out around the same time as cis v6. hopefully the esm made so great improvements like the cis team. i dont really have doubt tho :wink:

ESM v3.0!!! :slight_smile:

LOL Melih

I have a small 150 user environment, wouldn’t mind being a beta tester, let me know if interested.


We are setting up the beta-tester application form. I’ll add you on to the list of people receiving the email with the form’s URL.


How are we doing on getting v3.0 out the door?

I am eager to get Windows 8 and Mac in one place.


Next release is on Thursday 2013/01/24. This is the RC but has an extended CIS 2013 beta (allows configuration of firewall rules/app whitelists pre-deployment.

The integration of the Mac AV will unfortunately not be ready for this release as things like applying policies to groups containing Windows and Macs needs careful and extensive testing. The Mac system management agent has been improved though.

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Will this upcoming release will include Internet Filtering (allowing users to visit certain websites or block them all and creating an “allow list only”)?

Hi w-e-v,

This release does not contain the content filtering module unfortunately. Keep an eye on the boards though as in the next 2-3 weeks so pretty cool things are coming which extend ESM 3 in to the big time :slight_smile:


Alright! That is what I am looking forward in 3.0, to see all improvements and differences over 2.0 (obviously).

Was today the day or did I read that wrong somewhere?

Monday is the day! :wink:

Found the culprit :slight_smile:



Am I the only one chomping at the bit here? ;D

Chomp no longer…



Just downloaded and installed.

It seems things have only happened in the background. I could not find any “apparent changes” yet compared to RC.

I do not know what the significance of the name change from “CIS” to “CES” is. I could not find any visual changes in CES either compared to CIS.

Anyway, thanks for the release. I would like to see a “Change Log” posted here with a details.