ESM 2.1 Released

Greetings all!

We are proud to release the production edition of Comodo Endpoint Security Manager version 2.1 “SME”.

What’s New In 2.1
MORE Endpoints : field tested on 1000 remote and LAN workstations
MORE granularity : post-deployment policy editing now supported
MORE visibility : NEW Report Manager allows multiple reports to collected simultaneously
MORE manageability : NEW Update Manager allows administrators to quickly see if Agent or Definition updates are available
Even EASIER to use : “Auto-groups” list Endpoints requiring action

Try it now! Free upgrade from version 2.0 “Business Edition”! FREE FOREVER 10-seat edition available! (requires annual license renewal)

Want it? Get it here!

Admin guide is here Comodo Help

Let us know what you think.

Product Manager - Comodo Endpoint Security Manager

nice one!