ESM 2.1 Released

Greetings all!

We are proud to release the production edition of Comodo Endpoint Security Manager version 2.1 “SME”.

What’s New In 2.1

  • MORE Endpoints : field tested on 1000 remote and LAN workstations
  • MORE granularity : post-deployment policy editing now supported
  • MORE visibility : NEW Report Manager allows multiple reports to collected simultaneously
  • MORE manageability : NEW Update Manager allows administrators to quickly see if Agent or Definition updates are available
  • Even EASIER to use : “Auto-groups” list Endpoints requiring action

Try it now! Free upgrade from version 2.0 “Business Edition”! FREE FOREVER 10-seat edition available! (requires annual license renewal)

Want it? Get it here!

Admin guide is here Comodo Help

Let us know what you think.

Product Manager - Comodo Endpoint Security Manager

Before downloading I just want to confirm two things…

  1. Is this still based on Silverlight ?
  2. What issues have been fixed from 2.1 Beta ?

Hi Siva,

  1. Yes
  2. All the ones we could find and/or have been reported but this is the real world and no software can be tested under every conceivable situation inside every imaginable environment.

One huge improvement that we have made though is that every member of our regional support teams now has their own ESM 2.1 server and even their home pcs are being managed by ESM so if there is a bug we will probably find it.

Product Manager - Comodo Endpoint Security Manager

great work guys!

this version already has segurebox?


Short answer = no.

Short question, why are you post in the ESM 2.1 board? ESM 2.1 was upgraded to ESM 3 in February last year. Please tell me you are not using ESM 2.1 still…


Sorry did not see what was already in version 3 ESM. :smiley:
I no longer use since the license expired. Is there a way to test the common users SecureBox

without the requirement to provide data, since we do not have businesses.
Somehow promote it here in the forum and providing for common users, could expose vulnerabilities and help improve the product.


I am not aware of any SecureBox free trials. Have you contacted support using the form on the SecureBox webpage?

Kind regards,