Eset's David Harley blogging about AV-Comparatives and AMTSO!

Hi guys!

Eset’s David Harley writing thoughts about AV-C and AMTSO.


And why the heck wasn’t COMODO tested? Just because it’s new? Or were they too afraid that a new piece of software would take them all down. ;D

Yer and I can’t understand people using ESET. I’ve had it for two years with a licence and it did not stop one single threat. No matter how many times did I try it with newer versions it’s still the same, only GUI changed. Plus they make it so difficult to remove from the system, but of course with intention.

2.7 version was the least bloated one. Quite a bit of people are sticking to that version (from what I read at different places). I guess that’s the only reason nod supports version 2.7. I personally think 2.7 is out-of-date by today’s standards, but what do I know

And why the heck wasn't COMODO tested? Just because it's new? Or were they too afraid that a new piece of software would take them all down.
It's like building a car, you don't want people testing it until completely ready (of course, we forum user know what comodo can do). You want it to get it right the first time. Once it gets tested, they propally woundn't mind many tests after that. They would like to start their first AMTSO with a very high mark. polishing the code isn't easy. There are many different organizations that will be judging, looking at every little bit, trying to find something that wasn't perfected or is inconvenient.

Either way, comodo is a great product. We forum users here know that. I feel there is no need to hurry them, just to get some organization’s "seal of approval "