ESET online scanner

Hi all

What do u all think, comments appreciated good/bad.

Eset, as you probably know, is the producer of the famous NOD - probably the best AV in the world. So the scanner should be perfect too.


It uses ActiveX technology!!!

So be carefull to switch ActiveX off after scan - if you want to stay clear…

Hey Novie :slight_smile:

I didn’t know it was already out of BETA. You should ask Rotty to add it too :

Greetz, Red.

So does its rival Kaspersky among other AV’s. How else can they can cover a wide base of users? They probably assume the majority of virus-infected victims are ActiveX users ;D.

Eek, ActiveX, I won’t use this, I’ll trust my security applications :wink:
Would be good if they made it work for Firefox and Opera.


And right they are! :slight_smile: