Eset NOD32 and cfp.exe

Just received a threat popup from Eset NOD32 today that cfp.exe is an “Unknown Virus”. It asked to Delete or Leave it and I chose to leave it. I’ve been using NOD32 and CFP for months without any problem until this morning. Rebooted the computer and got the same popup. Is anyone else having this issue? Couldn’t find anythingon Comodo or Eset’s website.

Yes this happened quite recently for me as well, I beleive the last update of NOD32 triggered it (happened a second or two after). I selected ‘leave’ and rebooted, haven’t had the warning since, though. ???

Wait for new signatures to be released for Eset.

Can’t wait. Every time I ask NOD32 to leave the threat cfp it causes the system to hang and forces me to a hard reset. Maybe the guys from ESET would like to sell more of their own “internet security” package …

reset doesn’t work for me - my sys won’t come up and hangs on ekrn loading and it costs me a lot of time to resolve problem
for now I had to add cfp.exe to exclusions list in NOD32 and it works fine, tomorrow I’ll kick my regional ESET representative ass for this :smiley:

After four hard resets I did a chkdsk run… It’s still running and replaces some security tag for every file on the system. This will be done in ~5 hours. I don’t know what will happen afterwards. But I know that I’m in a pretty bad mood already. I’d like kick someone’s butt and I will if my system is not working properly anymore …

It probably won’t. All user specific file information will be lost when chkdsk has finished. (:AGY)

Complain to Eset. Its there problem not Comodo’s.Another example of why I dumped NOD32 and now have Avira. There is a promo for 6 months free of Avira.

Problem was supposedly resolved with the Eset signature update 3121.

I already did and waiting for their reply. (Of course I was talking about some ESET but I’m going to kick ;D …)

This solution comes to late … (at least for me)