Having just uninstalled esets online scanner. I was surprised that avast found a trojan in the uninstalling of this program! Checked it with mcafee site advisor which warns of this service on, yet not eset eu. The trojan in question zlob ack seems to be gone is it a nasty one? Stuart

Hi stuart,

This was a false positive from avast!. The recent update from avast! have resolved the problem.

I also have Avast 4.7 HE and i’ve used eset online scanner and Avast never found a virus in the uninstaller. But with Panda online scanner it detects a couple viruses :o

Panda doesn’t encrypt it’s database, that’s why avast! will detect malware from Panda ( this isn’t a false positive from avast! nor is this a threat from Panda).

I had the same false positive from avast! detecting the uninstaller extension for ESET online scanner as a Trojan but Alwil already fix the problem within 24 hours. :slight_smile: