erunt and defend plus

i use often erunt to backup my registry to have a security backup

when i try to restore my registry comodo pops up every time
well erunt make a folder with the name of the day , month and year and inside an exe ERDNT.EXE about 160k to restore it

well i added ERDNT.EXE like trusty program
but comodo pops up every time i try to restore

any solution?

have a nice day

I would disable Defense+ temporarily when doing these kinds of things, that’s the easy solution.


I would be useful an exclusion list

I know what you mean about this, Mantra. There might be a way to avoid this, and I think I found it, but I’ll get back to this once I’m at my PC.

I was wrong. I never found a solution to this…until now ;D:

Defense+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy > double click on the C:\Program Files\ERUNT\ERUNT.exe (or whatever the path you have it saved in) > click Modify button next to Protected Files/Folder > click the Add button and select Browse… > in the Add new item field at the top type C:\Program Files\ERDNT*200?\ERUNT.EXE > click Apply to all screens

This works in theory - I haven’t have confirmed it :-TU. The * is because by default Erunt saves new backups using the current, so it covers whatever the folder name is generated. The ? (another wild card) covers any single alpha-numeric character, (for whatever the last digit of the year is). Of course you can be creative here if you want, but it should work.

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