Error while installing... The device is not ready. XP SP3 Pro

I always get a problem while installing comodo

When i try to install Comodo Dragon Internet Security i get this error.

COMODO Installer

Cannot install COMODO Dragon

Error: 21. The device is not ready.


Please i need help. :cry:

Well never mind somehow i fixed that.

How did you fix it? Iā€™m getting the same error trying to install Comodo Internet Security. Thanks.

The easiest way is to tell CIS to not install Dragon.

When starting the installer you will see the Customise button towards the bottom. Click on it and untick the option to install Comod Dragon. You may also consider to untick the option for Comodo Geekbuddy in case you are not interested in remote support by Comodo technicians.

Worked - thanks.