Error While Installing Comodo Firewall 3.0.7 Beta [Resolved]

After uninstalling old version of comodo i tried to install the 3.0.7 beta version but there is an error message:
In case you have any third party personal firewall installed, please un-install that before installing comodo firewall pro-beta.Would you like to continue(yes/no)

I’m using kaspersky internet security v6 and nod32 but i didn’t install anti-hacker with kis.Windows firewall is of course disabled.
I remember i had answered the error message “yes” when installing comodo v2.4.

Before starting this thread i did some search but there were no obvious solution.People insists that there is another firewall or something else but i am sure there is not.Do i have to say “yes” again ???

Greetings gudu,

First of all, it’s not an error.
It asks if you got any other third party firewall as they’ll almost 100% will conflict with CPF 3, as you’re only meant to have one firewall.
If you don’t got any other firewall software, simply click ‘Yes’ and it should install.


I can install comodo freely right now.
Thanks for both quick answer and the nice explanation :Beer