Error while doing a full scan

attached is a print screen of an error I constantly get when trying to do a scan on my system.
At this stage I have not been able to sucessfully complete a full scan

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Unable to see the PrintScreen Image but I’ve had a simular problem where it seems to stop on one folder and never get past it… I’ve emailed but haven’t had a reply back yet… Will let you know what they say…


More information, firstly it stops with a windows pane with the message “an error occured during scanning”

Hey Dicky,

Your problem is different to the problem Eric was describing. You should attach a JPG of the error message (not a mangled Word doc, please) to an email to along with as much technical detail of your system as you think will help. The better a picture you can paint of your landscape, the easier is will be for the tech guys to figure out what’s wrong.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Seems the problem was a filename that was to long for windows ntfs, !!! how xp let it be created is a mistrey.
I no longer have the file, The issue occurred when the scanner passed over a file name that was to long for windows with ntfs. I’m not sure how it happened but it was a set of files backed up over the network from xp pro to xp home using backup4all. sorry I did not keep the info but windows would not let me open it, I finally got rid of it by shortening (renaming) each stage of the directory name to a, b, c etc…

Goow work, Sherlock.

I believe that there is a 255 character limitation, where the driver designator, the colon, the backslashes, the everything is included in the 255 characters.

I have to agree with you. An operating system that will let you create a file but not let you read it because the created file exceeds one of its own limitations displays little intelligence and elegance. Smart as a bag of spanners!

Ah Microsoft! Can’t live with 'em, not allowed to chop 'em up and put 'em in pies! :wink:

ewen :slight_smile:

This bug is fixed in updates Get updates and try again.