Error when selecting a folder to be synchronized

When I select a folder in “Synchronize files manager” I get “Error: Invalid file format.”. ???

Please help!!!

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Yeah, I got the same error but, worse, the window message is blank… just the ‘ok’ button and nothing more.

The “Videos” is a library and it could contain some folders. The synchronized feature of CTM only support folder or file.

You’re right. Normal folders (not libraries) work.

Hey guys! Thanks a lot for all your replies. :wink:

But I did try selecting a normal folder and/or file and I get the same result. :-\

If you click in a folder in a non-monitored partition, CTM will alert you that.
If you add a folder in a CTM monitored partition, it should work. At least, it works for me, i.e., I can add the folder to be synchronized.