Error updating Comodo Dragon ver

can some one please help me, i am having problems updating my CD browser to the new one.

i have attached print shot of the error:

54 views no help?

Same problem here but with a new fresh installation :frowning:
Vista X64 SP2

Hi, all .

Could you please answer to these questions



  • The installation process doesn’t start, it returns the error of the screenshot above.
  • No way to resolve it
  • Comodo Dragon (Supposed to be Stable)
  • Obviously, no Plugins/Themes installed
  • Vista X64 SP2
  • UAC disabled
  • Windows is in C:\
  • Place (installation path) where Comodo Dragon is installed…even!
  • Admin

Thanks, notabile .

A few additional questions:

  • Which edition of Vista x64 do you have ? ( Enterprise, Home Premium, Professional etc. )
  • Do you have any security software installed ?

It would be great if you could collect a dump file of DragonSetup.exe when one throws ‘Runtime error’, use your Task Manager-> Navigate to Prosesses tab, select ‘Show processes from all users’ , then select DragonSetup.exe item , right-click and choose ‘Create Dump File’, Windows then automatically create dump file and place it to a folder. All you need to do after, is to attach that *.dmp file to a forum’s post or if the dump file has a big size you need to share it on any file share resource and tell us the address so we could download it :slight_smile: .

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Vista Ultimate and CIS 5 installed :comodo110:

Link to the dump file.

I would recommend uninstall the CD, download the newest, and then install it again. Maybe it can help to run it as adim.

Off topic: How do I activate the admin account? [this question is answered and now closed, so no need to answer]


Hi again :slight_smile:

The only thing we’d like you to do is to show us your registry entries regarding Comodo.

Here is a *.bat file which should automatically export your Comodo registry keys (see file attached )

You just need to unzip archive and run the ExportComodoKeys.bat file. It creates a ‘c:\exported_keys’ directory and places there registry keys and logs we need and then opens a directory with exported keys and logs , just attach those files to your post .

Please be assured that script doesn’t collect any personal information.

Thank you,

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Hi val3ntin,

see attached file :wink:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Constantly asks if I want to download new version of cd. Downloads but install never starts. using ver currently. Running Win 7 64 bit.

Have you tried downloading and installing the update manually?

Comodo Dragon ver is now available for download

Yes no luck there. It will also say " only one instance of comodo installer allowed " when you try to install again. according to the task manager the file is running but nothing ever happens. now can’t even get ver to install.
Update: CD installs and works fine on a Win XP machine.

You can also try to run Windows Installer Clean Up Utility. This will get rid off data pointing to the fact that Dragon (or any other program that was installed with Windows Installer) is installed. That should enable you to install it.

Notice that this tool does not uninstall.