error uninstalling COMODO firewall and relative problems

Today I was trying to uninstall Comodo firewall due the windows 8 upgrade I’m doing but I’m always unsuccessful.

Firstly I tried to remove it from “programs and features” and appeared a message error saying that “the operation could be done only if the product is correctly installed”, then I proceeded to reinstall it, i rebooted the pc but the program reported that the application agent wasn’t running and it started a diagnostic scan that, obviously, reported problems in the installation, asking me if I wanted to fix it.
Pressed yes and, immediately, appeared the message that the diagnostic was unable to fix the problem with attached an error log Errorlog -

What should I do now?

Please, help me.

Please try following the advice I provide in this post and let me know if that helps.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Revo uninstaller doesn’t recognize comodo as an installed program, perhaps it isn’t in its list of removable programs. (the defense+ was disabled, like the thread said)

I tried to run a registry cleaner and then to remove drivers but, after the re-booting that the system required, the drivers were still there.

I would try to supply the information required in the post linked in the point n.8 of the guide, but it seems that are exclusively for the installation of the program.

Any suggestions?

Did you run the uninstall tool, at least after uninstalling Comodo Firewall?

First thing tried yesterday after the error message that I’ve specified in the original post, sadly unsuccessful.