error : sec_error_unknown_issuer


I have just installed my PositiveSSL Certificate for
(with regards to the CA certificate Apache “bundle” file, i got the following message during installation : “Warning: the CA certificate does not sign the certificate”)

But unfortunately there is a problem with FIREFOX (last version 13.0.1) :

Please look at :

This problem appears neither with IE nor with Chrome, only with FIREFOX.

Thanks for your help !



I see the same problem with both IE and Firefox.

The apache bundle file is not installed, or installed incorrectly.

Please try installing the bundle file again, if you still have the same problem
then ‘submit a ticket’ to support for assistance:


I reopened the topic because it is not clear who closed it nor does the topic starter indicate the problem was solve and used his prerogative to lock the topic.

This error is due to a broken chain of trust.
Your root or intermediate CA certificate is not (correctly) installed.
Like SSL Guru said, reinstall the bundle or if you’re on Windows Server, import both root and intermediate certificate to your certificate store using MMC.
Then restart the website in IIS, or reload Apache config.

By the way, your certificate has also expired on june 7…
Also, the certificate is issued to “Parralels Panel” by “Parallels Panel”. I have never heard of this authority.
Are you sure you’re not using a self signed certificate?