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Anyone else getting this?

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Can you check how much memory cmdagent.exe is using and let us know how much RAM your system has?

System info & RAM use (idle after reboot) attached

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The problem occurred during scanning. Can you let CIS scan and see at what file it hangs during the scan?

Further scans have not caused any problems (apart from overly-keen user deleting FP detected instead of of excluding because they didn’t know any better.)

It happened again.


There does seem to be a problem

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Do you have another security program running that has a web shield that acts as a local proxy?

PC Tools Browser Defender 3 is installed.
Comodo Update server is designated as ‘Localhost’

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That should be “”, not “Localhost”.

I should have been clearer. Localhost is correct because it gets updates from the Comodo Offline Updater, not directly fom the Comodo http server.

Yes! ‘cmdagent.exe’ is dead, crashed, gone to meet it’s maker.

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Does 5.9 address this crashing cmdagent iissue?

Ho hum. 88)

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