Error message when initializing CSC: "Current font size not supported, etc.

When I initialize CSC I get an error message saying: "current font size not supported, please change dpi from 96 to 120. What’s up with that?

Also, the screen shot of the program is weird in that it’s kinda cut up and not the right size. The program works OK, but it’s frustrating to go through the motions every time I use CSC.

I have an ATI graphics card and I have changed my screen resolution a couple of times, is that the problem? In any event, how do I resolve the issue?


Please provide us with more information regarding the changes you made to your screen resolution settings and also, if you can, please post a screenshot with the error message.

Thank you.

System-Cleaner Ver: 2.2.335611.5

I also have the same Error message:

When trying to start ‘COMODO System-Cleaner’ a pop-up window displays:
“X” in a red circle and “dd” beside the circle and a button [Ok]
It makes no differance wheather you click on the “Close x” at the top right corner of the window or you click on the [Ok] button.
You then get a pop-up window displaying:
“The current font size (DPI size) is not supported. Please change to 96 or 120.”
Click on the “Close x” at the top right corner of the window or the [Ok] button and the program then seems to open.

Why the font problem? I have had this computer set-up the way it is for a long while and have had no problem with any other programs. I should not have to change the configuration of this computer to work with this program, should I?

Display Properties of my computer:

  • NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
  • Screen Resolution: 1360x768
  • Display DPI setting: Custom setting… 105% normal size (101 dpi)

Computer: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 2800+, 1.8 GHz, 1.5 GB of RAM
Win XP Home SP 3

As stated above, I have not had any problems with display settings with any other programs so far.

Thanks for any information on this you can provide. I have not used the System Cleaner program yet. I want to know if I use it with my current Display settings, if I am going to run into any other problems.
Other programs I have used with no apparent problems are:

  • CCleaner ver:
  • Advanced SystemCare 3 ver: