Error message after upgrade of Windows from 7 to 10

just after upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10 I get the error message from CIS “Defense+ does not work properly”.
After running the diagnosis I get the order to restart the computer. After doing this, the message is still there. Done that two times but nothing changes.
Have you any hint how to “heal” that problem? Do I have to deinstall and install completely?
Thanks for help!

You upgraded t Windows 10 with CIS in-situ? Probably not a good idea, I think an uninstall and reinstall of CIS would be your best bet.


You upgraded from an OS to a completely different OS, software like CIS that needs to be deep in the OS can get messed up from such a huge change. You will most likely need to re-install, I’d suggest the guide by Chiron for the most effective way - Comodo Forum

You are right, I just did not mind…
Thanks ubuysa and Sanya IV Litvyak for your suggestions. I will do so.
All the best