Error Loading Operating System


I decided to try the CDE software out on my laptop (Blank spare one!), Setup as follows:

Dell Inspiron 2200

Password ONLY no USB

Set password as P@ssw0rd (testing only)

Hash = SHA256
Encrypt = AES

I proceeded to encrypt the main hard drive which completed sucessfully with no errors.

I then rebooted and got the prompt “Enter the password”

I enter the password as above, press enter but then returns “Error loading operating system”

This same error also occurs if I enter something other than the password.

I dont believe I have entered the password incorrectly since it asked for confirmation but now cannot access the system.

There is nothing odd about the setup of this laptop, simply one drive, one partition and no mods to the laptop.

Any ideas? I’m not too fussed but since no data was on the laptop but it would be good to see if anything can be done

Thanks , Lee