Error loading file.

I get this error on startup:

ERROR: Error while loading resources from C:\Program Files\Comodo\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.dll. Aborting application.

I am using the beta and I cannot uninstall because it says that there is no uninstaller (which there isn’t one present in the program folder). cfpconfg.exe -u does not work either.

So, what do I do?

I have this problem too. I unistalled cis 3.8, and downloaded the newest beta release.
Im runnning windows xp pro sp3, with no other security software running activly.
My problem is with starting up cis. It gives me the above error, and like ToXic.d said also with uninstalling

Have a look at this topic to see if it helps.;msg242280#msg242280


I found the solution. Use system restore, so 3.9 is unistalled. Download revo unistaller, and unistal cis with it. Then download latest beta version, and it works 8)

Just saw your method Matty_R, that easier too