ERROR Installing CFP when Diskshield is Enabled

To test an installation that requires a reboot, I just tried installing CFP on a cleanly installed XP SP2 NTFS system with DIskshield enabled. I got the prompt for saving the session on restart and everything looked okay. After rebooting, CFP was there, but it was not showing any alerts and I also saw those famous msgs: the firewall is initializing and the firewall is not functioning properly at the bottom of the Comodo screen.

I tested with 2 different versions of CFP and ended up with similar results. Can anyone confirm this?

After unshielding, CFP was removed, but my concern is that CFP was not functioning correctly. I’m trying to find out if this problem is being caused by CDS.The CFP versions I installed were and the latest CIS (CFP only without toolbar).


I Installed the CFP part of CIS again without Diskshield enabled and CFP installed and seems to work correctly. I completely uninstalled CFP and ran the test again - this time with Diskshield enabled and CFP will not function correctly.

Starting the diagnostics did nothing.


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Has anyone successfully installed a functional CFP or CIS on a shielded disk using save session?