Error has shown twice after updating

This has happened twice in a row on 2 separate days. Please help / see attachments.

Result after updating completed. Last updated just now.

Download recognizers: Error

Task: Download recognizers

Status: Invalid signature

What version of Windows are you running?


Thank you for replying.

XP is no longer supported after version 6870.

This is what I installed few weeks back - states it is compatible with XP.

I never install anything without checking for that first.

Comodo has moved on to version 6882…it is questionable whether XP will receive any further updates.

Thank you for helping me.

I have been receiving updates - please see attachments - normally up until 2 days ago - just one recognizer issue now.

Comodo would have pulled that XP download off their site if it was of no use now.

Comodo Team need to advise me.

AV updates is not the same as program and recognizer updates. You can not use any newer version than 6780 on XP as XP is no longer a supported OS for CIS. All CIS files are now being signed with sha256 certificates which XP does not support. The only updates you will be able to get is AV and website filter databases.

Thank you for replying futuretech.

“XP is no longer a supported OS for CIS”

?? >>

“Comodo Free Antivirus Windows XP is a part of Comodo Internet Security that provides total security for Windows XP computers.”

I downloaded this on the Comodo site:

That is because they haven’t bothered to update the website, and they are pretty slow in fixing issues when it comes to the main website. They have a link for the offline installer for 6882 that doesn’t work as it just gives a 404 error.

That doesn’t inspire confidence!

Giving me inaccurate information!

So my computer is not protected?

Appreciate your help.

“The only updates you will be able to get is AV and website filter databases.”

Is this enough?

Comodo need to keep their users informed.

I was led to believe that I had “total security” for my Windows XP computer.

What are sha256 certificates please?

Latest update

Don’t want to speak too soon, but seems a Comodo tech has fixed the problem…
Thank you if that is the case.
Thank you also to those who took the time to reply.
Update today - see attachment.