Error handeling blank/myself address incoming email and distrib. list outgoing [Solved]

I really appreciate the antispam project, but I’d like to bring in your attention some problems I’ve encountered using the old 2005 version as well as this new one.
First of all , the program doesn’t handle very well quarantined blank address incoming emails or those that have my own email address.Those two kind of incoming emails have to be deleted manually in order to avoid program hangup.
My suggestion is to be deleted automaticaly, because there are obviouselly spams, instead of beeing quarantined.
Another problem is that I can’t send, manually o automatically(by Outlook 2003 rules), emails to my distribution lists, using the new version.
I am receiving a failure email sent by “System Administrator” making refrences to some “502 unimplemented (#5.5.1)” error, but this does not occure on emails with a single receiver.
I have to mention that turning off the antispam program I am able to sent email using my distribution list.
If this is some kind of protection against generating spams, you have to refine this mechanism and let user to define his own distribution list for outgoing emails.
Otherwise, it works fine with Outlook 2003…
Hope that the above issues will be solved as soon as posible.
Thank you.

LE: About outgoing emails…if you have at least two addresses in “to” field, the program hang transsmision and send the failure message mentioned above…this is verrrry anoing…please exclude this behaviour

Please…someone from dev. team could say a word or two about the above items? …Thank you

Are you using IMAP or POP3 accounts? Di you have your emails routing through your localhost ( or just ?

Do you have any antivirus installed that includes Mass Mailing protection?

There are a number of factors and an number of minor conflicts with other software programs though I don’t have a complete list to hand.


Thank you for your reply…
I am using a POP3 account not routed through localhost, also I have Eset Smart Security installed, but antispam module is deactivated in order to avoid conflicts with Comodo Antispam…which I prefer :-[…
As I said before, difficulties with outgoing distrib list started with installing the new version and now I by-pass this problem manually by disabling temporary the antispam during the sending.
The antivirus doesn’t seems to interfere, but could be some interactions with Outlook 2003 which sometime crash and restart trying to send an error report(this is a today behavior) on every attempt to send.
I must say that I haven’t made any changes in Outlook settings for some months.
Hope this is useful for you…and I’m waiting for news

Best regards

At the moment, I don’t have any immediate answer. Eset and comodo software do conflict with each other from time to time. I’m sure someone will come along with more of an answer soon.


Thanks…look forward

Thanks for your suggest and report on CAS, Adyb. Outgoing email to more than two addresses, this issue will be fixed in the next release.