error during creating policies

Just installed CESM 2.1 on 2003 server and deployed cis on 1 pc win xp sp3.
So I need to import its policy, but I’m getting an error message

Steps: Policies → Create → Source: A computer → Group:Online → check one pc with cis mode=local or remote - no difference-> All available settings → Allow agent local admin with computer credentials → name Policy1, description Created → Finish

An error occured during policy import from computer.

And there are no error messages in log of cesm configuration tool.

Tried to export policy in local administration mode to file - got cfgx file.
If create policy from file - there is a filter on file extension (xml). Renaming it to xml ext dosent solve problem - cos appears a message “The specified file is not a valid policy file”

It looks like problems in name resolving. Added another pc by ip address and got its policy…