Error creating winpe image for backup cd

I installed the latest version and im trying to create a backup cd for the image.
I get the error an error occurred while creating the WinPe image.
Here is my dump file.
I have seen that in other posts people have reverted to an older version to get the image process to work but I would like to get it working in the version that I have created the backup in.

Help appreciated.

Thank you so much,

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I have the same issue with Win7 x64. Lots of posts about the issue. Installing older version failed for me. I love the Comodo Backup 4.4 1.23 product as I was able to backup my system to a network NAS device however it’s useless if we can’t create a rescue media. Any help would be appreciated.

I have created my own solution to this issue by creating a bootable USB running Windows. I used “WinToUSB” program to create the USB running Windows. I boot my PC to the USB (32 GB) thumb drive running Windows then run Comodo Backup from the USB. My backups go to a NAS Disk.