Error: Could not connect to COMODO server, Please try again

Im running CVA through a Squid proxy and got an Error: Could not connect to COMODO server.

Looks like something went wrong on the server (Error 502).
“POST HTTP/1.1” 502 1520 “-” “cva” TCP_MISS:DIRECT


Although CVA uses the IE connection settings and should just inherit any proxy settings accordingly, there have been one or two cases where things just don’t play right. Comodo will, in a future release, move away from IE-specific settings.

The following link may have some pertinent info for you.;msg164599#msg164599

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen,

It is working though, the other post is having no connection at all (and a popup message, i only had a red X in the status field).

I only had 1 error message on the 3 runs i did to test.
Also my Squid logging shows that the problem is on the Server Side not in the Application.
Error 502

the second time i got the error:

below in the status screen:
ERROR: Could not connect to COMODO server, please try again.

And my squid log shows another:
“POST HTTP/1.1” 502 1520 “-” “cva” TCP_MISS:DIRECT