Error Code 8801 Insufficient Space

I am trying to install on a XP Dell Dimension 3100 and the installation fails.

Start subconsole installation... 2009-10-13 12:53 CTM Disk 0: SectorsPerTrack 63, Heads 254, Cylinders 19450, Total 312500000 Int13-08: AX=0000, BX=EED8, CX=FEFF, DX=FE01, DS=2000, ES=0000, FLAGS=0296 Int13-41: AX=3000, BX=AA55, CX=0005, DX=0080, DS=2000, ES=0000, FLAGS=0296 Int13-48: AX=0000, BX=EED8, CX=00CC, DX=0080, DS=0000, ES=0000, FLAGS=0286 StruSize=1E, extflags=1, cylns=3FFF, heads=10, secperhead=3F, totalsectors=12A05F20, sectorsize=200, EDDPara=69D9 Detecting memory(A20:OFF)... Base 0, Length A0000, Type 1 - Available Base F0000, Length 10000, Type 2 - Not Available Base 100000, Length 3F588C00, Type 1 - Available Base 3F688C00, Length 2000, Type 4 - ACPI NVS Memory Base 3F68AC00, Length 2000, Type 3 - ACPI Reclaim Memory Base 3F68CC00, Length 973400, Type 2 - Not Available Base E0000000, Length 10000000, Type 2 - Not Available Base FED20000, Length 80000, Type 2 - Not Available Base FED00000, Length 400, Type 2 - Not Available Base FEC00000, Length 100000, Type 2 - Not Available Base FEE00000, Length 100000, Type 2 - Not Available Base FFB00000, Length 500000, Type 2 - Not Available Detected 997 MB memory, access mode 1, A20:Dell_A20Handler. Testing memory 915C45F ... Upload setup infomation(7580, 1800, 20001180). Detecting partition information... ReviseDiskTail completed, totalsectors=12A05F20. VerifyDisk completed, totalsectors=12A05F20. 338limit 0, 128limit 0, TotalSectors 12A05F20 Searching free space for system at 0, 1A5C6, 700000E0 ErrorCode 8801: Insufficient space to install protect system.

Any ideas to deal with this please?

This has been sorted in beta 2.1 :-TU

Actually it still happened to me for newest beta 2.1. I was able to get it installed. I hope this info can help with the future betas.

Would not finish install since “insufficient space” error. After reboot, CTM “partially” uninstalls itself (Note: since it partially uninstalled itself, I could not run an uninstaller since no where to be found.

No way for “insufficient space” to be possible. Have two physical drive with ample free space. I also noticed that every boot after it “partially” uninstalled, it seems it tries to do something before windows vista loads.

I checked my hard disks using vista’s “Disk Management” and found that both of my drives partition is separated. My main boot drive has logical partitions before and after my primary partition. So 2 logical and 1 primary partitions (logical makes about ~2mb). My other drive had one primary and one logical partitions(logical makes about ~1mb). I guess the extra logical partitions were made by previous OS or something.

I determined that Comodo Time Machine tried reading the first partition it encountered which is the small ~1mb logical partition in each drive.

I used Partition Wizard Home Edition 4.2 (Great free software) to extend my primary partition to the maximum (total hard drive) for both of my drives which get rid of the logical partitions. My main boot drive obviously required a restart for the operation. However, it couldn’t due to hard drive size changing during boot. My other drive extended its primary partition just fine.

I determined the cause was the “partial” auto-uninstall of CTM that left something at boot (before vista logon). I checked my registry using regedit and found CTM entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE. I had to change user permission to delete all the leftover CTM entries (gave administrator full read/write access).

I then proceeded to use my Partition Wizard to extend my primary partition on my Main drive again. Success. I then installed CTM with success. So far it runs just fine.

I hope this information helps.