Error code 43 when using backup filename with date time macros enabled


  • Comodo Backup v4.0.6 “Everything is up to date”
  • Windows 7 (latest service packs installed)

If I manually do a “Files and Directories” backup WITHOUT macros enabled, it works fine.

However, when attempting to configure profiles for automatic monthly/weekly/daily backups (full, differential, incremental respectively) I deisre to embed the date and timestamp information into the backup filename.

However, this generates the following messages:

    [timestamp] Running custom profile c:\tmp\backups\Data_|DATE3||TIME|_full.cbu
    [timestamp] Creating New Backup ...
    [timestamp] Error Occurred
    [timestamp] Backup failed with code 43 (Internal error)

Apparently it’s having a problem parsing the macro tags in the filename?

Placing the tags at the end of the filename makes no differrence - same error “code 43” result.

Additional comment regarding the macro tags …
It would also be nice to have macros without the leading or embedded ‘_’ characters. For example, a “YEAR” macro which is simply “YYYY” (in addition to the YEAR = “_YYYY”) so that I can build timestamp format as desired - eg MyData_20111102_2035_Full.cbu


Try to use other macro than |DATE3|, some users reported it not working, we will fix it in next release.

Thank you for the feedback, we will improve this in next release.

Not using DATE3 works … eg, DATE1 or DATE2

However, I’m using the parts |YEAR||MONTH||DAY| instead so filenames sort more nicely