ERROR CODE 3 Backup Failed & tried to backup log but got CBU "out of Memory"

Back up from Seagare Black armor less than 1 TB of files to Seagate 2TB external drive

After 12 hours of back up time - Error
" backup Failed with Error 3 (not enough memory"

I tried to save my log to cut and paste here but I get the following error
CBU popup windw with message " Out of Memory"

Does Comodo Backup has a memory limit for backups and file transfers?

How can I use Comodo to back up? (is thee a memeory setting or I just need to save in smaller bites)

Thank you

I too get the same problem. My guess, although I haven’t verified it yet, is that the you have the log file enabled and you are backing so many files that the log file grows to the point that it exceeds the amount of RAM available. I know this should not happen if the log file is written to disk during the backup process but I have noticed that no log file appears to be written to disk whilst a backup executes. This could be because it is hidden during the course of a backup or it is written to RAM and then copied to disk when the backup has completed.

I suggest you experiment and report back your findings.

i have the same problem and in the third step i deselect all log so i avoid them…in this way it works.
seem to be a little bug into the latest production version of CB.
my machine is a windows 7 pro with 4gb onto a dual core processor with 40% of ram free when the cb is running.