error code (0x80070002) on comodo


wean i want to send a virus to comodo labs to analysis i take this error from comodo internet security

i think this is a bug …

Known bug.

Sadly this is an old bug from previous versions which has still not been fixed. The main bug report is here.

Thus, I will move this report to Resolved, although sadly the problem is not yet fixed. I have already updated the tracker to reflect that this bug is not fixed with the most recent Beta.

Thank you.

why comodo doesn’t trying to fix this bug soon as possible by a new update


i hope from comodo fixing this problem on the new comodo 7 final :wink:

just make a little update to fix this bug … >:( :-TD

Well, today it’s still not fixed yet… :frowning: I’ve got the same bug, but for some files I’ve got that “To large…” warning label… ;]