Error Code: 0250:13 when attenting to obtain Digital Certificate [RESOLVED]


Newbie down under here. Just attempted to get a Digital Certificate and got Error Code: 0250:13. Any ideas or is it just an overload on one of your servers?

Please let me know.

Doug (down under)

Likewise a newbie and same 025:13 error / issue
Any help pointers in the right direction wouls be appreciated :cry:

(While we await a dev to assist you)
Also; Do you have any other security software installed?

Have you tried registering using this link?


I would like to start using Comodo Secure Email in Vista. However, I am getting this Error Code 0250:13 when I try to obtain a digital certicate. I have followed the link that you suggest, but that is sending me in a loop. I will appreciate advice.


Do not use the wizard, but using IE, remember well IE not firefox and open this URL
After a successful form submit, an application confirmation page from Comodo will show up to advise you the next step for the certificate collection.
Check your mail and again, copy the URL Location for the collection using IE, remember IE not firefox.
Confirm the collection and a successful prompt will be displayed.
YOU are all set now for the configuration: Start->programs-> SecureEmail Configuration->certificates->certificate manager and export your key …
The rest is self explanatory…
and say goodbye to 0250:13 …

Best of luck.

This solution doesn’t seem to work. URL is 404. Has Comodo stopped offering free personal certs? Can’t find it on their web site, and I’m attempting to renew a cert.

:frowning: Can’t get IE to respond to anything on the Comodo URL. Application for a cert seemed to work fine with Firefox.


I am getting the same error (attached) when trying to renew my free email certificate. I am using Windows 7 x64 and IE (reset to default security settings). I have also tried disabling Windows Firewall temporarily, but still no luck.

Any ideas?



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The 'Comodo SecureEmail Certificate Sing Up Wizard seems to be bugy (their help desk and GeekBuddy folks couldn’t help either). Try this URL: Free Secure Email Certificate with Digital Signature 2022. After getting the email from Comodo to retrieve your cert, click on the ‘Click & Install the Email Certificate’ button (let Comodo install it for you). After that you can verify the cert install in ‘All Programs>SecureEmail>SecureEmail Configuration>Certificates>My Certificates tab’. You should see your newly installed cert. The help button will walk through the configuration. For Outlook click on ‘Outlook Only Mode Configuration’ (Item #2 of that section is in ‘File>Options>Add-Ins>Add-In button’.

I hope this helps. It worked for me though :slight_smile:

All working again now


Yes, exactly.
I’ve found this software very, very helpful, what a pitty that a lot of time without update! :slight_smile: