Error: Can not create LPC port

What does this error mean? :frowning: ??? :frowning:

Thankee in advance, guys.

You can’t run 2 instance of CMG mate

Are you sure? I didn’t try to run 2 instance of CMG. :-[
And now I tried to uninstall it and got another error:

Is it ok? I am a little confused. :frowning:

The uninstall error is normal, ‘cause CMG service isn’t runnin’. Have you any errors on installation ? And please post your OS version.

Thank you for your help!
I haven’t errors on installation, but after restart I had this first message from CMG: “Error: Can not create LPC port”.
I have Windows XP Home Edition (version 5.01.2600 I think, but I don’t know where to check it :-[).

Now I am trying to re-install Comodo Memory Guardian, but a lot of errors on every file, like this:

And finally:


Hey Guys! Have the same error! What have I do?

OS version pls+any security software ? Are you installing with admin rights ?

Windows XP Home Edition (version 5.01.2600) + Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0.
Yes, I am installing with admin rights.

Can you please try to uninstall CMG runnin’ windows in safe mode ? Then please try to install it again in normal mode. It seems that some process (probably Kaspersky’s stuff) prevent CMG’s files from deletin’.

Ok, I did it. But is it compatible with Kaspersky?

Also wanted to say, when I was in Safe Mode it seemed CMG wasn’t in my system already.

I’m sorry, but is CMG compatible with Kaspersky? :frowning:

Yes CMG is compatible with Kaspersky. The only one reason of “Can not create LPC port” is that cmg.exe is allready running. After you’ve uninstalled it in safe mode, please try to install it again and post here if there’ll be any errors.


Reason: Out-Dated post.