error 1603 while intall cis/geekbuddy

hello. from various reasons, i had to uninstall comodo internet security premium, but, as i was removing other programs from add/remove, i saw that geekbuddy was still there. so, when i pressed remove, i get this message: “the feature you are trying to use is on a cd–rom or anothr removable disk that is not available.” if press browse, it looks for the file lps-gb-vt-x86, which, of course, i don’t have. so, i figured that if i reinstall geekbuddy from cis setup, it might then be possible to remove it, but, when i select only geekbuddy feature to install with comodo internet security premium setup, i get an error message 1603: fatal error during installation. please, help me!! thanks.

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For problems with Windows installer you can use Windows Installer Clean Up utility. This tool cleans up all Windows installer related traces from your computer.

Let it remove the installer related traces of Geekbuddy. You can then manually remove the installed files. Then run Eusing Free Registry Cleaner and Auslogics Registry Cleaner to remove registry keys.

hey, thanks. i only ran windows install clean up and geekbuddy entry is no longer there. thanks!!