Error 134: Comodo Forum Redirects to Google [Resolved Again]

There are still problems with this
Friday march 14th 2008 12:27PM links to
Comodo Website Error001.jpg
Rugby 2007 opens
Comodo Website Error001.jpg
Home goes to
Comodo Forum
from here all is good

Edit1: This appears to be a Firefox issue. It works fine with IE

Edit2: This appears to be a Firefox issue. It works fine with IE
Could be a no NoScript Plugin issue
I am allowing scripts from
but not
I allowed scripts Globally and it worked fine even after reseting my NoScript to “Forbid scripts Globally”

So I don´t know if it is a (On again/Off again) issue or a NoScript Plugin issue or a Firefox issue
Right now works fine, redirects to Comodo Forum

Edit 3 1:11PM -5GMT Quito Ecuador:
It working now after a reboot and with NoScript set to “Forbid scripts Globally” and
allowing scripts from
but not
so it looks like a (On again/Off again) issue

[attachment deleted by admin]

I guess it’s fixed now? I don’t think it’s related to NoScript, as I’ve ALYWAS had blocked.
But both and works fine for me.



Is this issue resolved for you, OD??

I think so, I noticed it the first day but did not take note
After noticing this topic I saw it the second and made the prev. obsevations


You can close it if you like
I will reopen if i notice it again