error 12007

Hi, I have CIS on three pc’s in my house and have never had a problem until now. On my older desktop that I now use as a HTPC, the virus directory will not update; it keeps telling me to check my internet connection. I uninstalled and tried to reinstall from cnet.downloads and now it gives me: “error 12007”. Anyone know about how to fix this issue? Thanks.

Can you please provide the additional text that is provided with this error code?

Yeah, sorry about that. “Failed to initialize the installer. Please check your internet connection and/or internet explorer settings. Error 12007. The server name and address could not be resolved.” Keep in mind, I have downloaded CIS onto this pc before with no problems and I’m also using Google Chrome. Thanks.

Did you try the cisfree_installer or the offline installers you can find the offline installer here

I’ll try that. Thanks

The offline installer links on the other page go nowhere. Chrome says that the link is broken and Int. Exp. says that it cannot display the webpage. It works fine on my other pc (I can follow the links and it begins the installation), wonder why it doesn’t on the other?

I’m about to leave for a few hours, I’ll check back in later. Any help is definitely appreciated.

I don’t have any problems with them (in the first post), they both prompt me for download on FF

I don’t understand why it won’t work on this particular pc. I just installed adaware and it installed fine. Any thoughts?

Can you download them on an other pc and then move them their with a USB drive?

I guess I could. I’m just worried that I’ll run into the same issue with the virus signature not updating.

How’s that system connected to the internet then?